Joshua Connelly works as a digital-first news desk editor for a newspaper in Illinois. He has a Bachelors of Arts in Communication from Saint Louis University in Missouri. His taste in rock music is so eclectic that Disturbed, Iron Maiden and Jimmy Eat World would all appear on a list of his favorite artists. If you like what you read from him here, feel free to follow him on Twitter @joshuakconnelly.




Cameron Freed is a young adult who probably thinks way too much about music, movies, and other forms of fiction. He found himself barreling down the rabbit hole of heavy metal music in middle school and has been hooked since. A few of his favorite bands are Iron Maiden, Porcupine Tree, Death, and Immortal and eagerly devours new music discoveries like a beast of mythology.



6 thoughts on “Authors

      • I found you guys because I was looking for some reviews of the Volbeat record. I like them but I am not sure if I love them.

        Im looking for a new group to follow. The last group I followed was Five Finger Death Punch. I am into Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Guns n Roses.

        Cant wait for more reviews. Thanks for doing the searching for me.

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