Arch Enemy - War Eternal (with score)         Vainaja - Kadotetut         Black Keys, The - Turn Blue (with score)

Orwells, The - Disgraceland         Pentakill - Smite and Ignite (with score)         Vader - Tibi Et Igni (with score)

Coldplay - Ghost Stories (with score)         Needtobreathe - Rivers in the Wasteland (with score)         Sabaton - Heroes (with score)

Agalloch - The Serpent and the Sphere (with score)         Mekong Delta - In a Mirror Darkly (with score)         Presidents of the United States of America, The - Kudos to You! (with score)

Il Rumore Bianco - Mediocrazia (with score)         Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks (with score)         Rhapsody of Fire - Dark Wings of Steel (with score)

Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King (with score)         Ayreon - The Theory of Everything (with score)         Shade Empire - Omega Arcane (with score)

Arctic Monkeys - AM (with score)         Daughtry - Baptized (with score)         Gemini Syndrome - LUX (with score)

Motorhead - Aftershock (with score)         Gigan - Dimensional Fractal-Sorcery and Super Science (with score)         Fall Out Boy - PAX-AM Days

Fates Warning - Darkness in a Different Light (with score)         Panic! at the Disco - Too Weid to Live, Too Rare to Die! (with score)         Witherscape - The Inheritance (with score)

Annihilator - Feast (with score)         Tarja - Colours in the Dark (with score)         Civil Wars, The - The Civil Wars (with score)

Nektar - %22Time Machine%22 with score         Darkend - %22Grand Guignol Book I%22 with score         Equilibrium - %22Waldschrein - EP%22 with score

Surgeon - %22Chemical Reign%22 with score         Sick Puppies - %22Connect%22 with score         Fueled by Fire - %22Trapped in Perdition%22 with score

Panzerchrist - %22The 7th Offensive%22 with score         Seven Witches - %22Rebirth%22 with score         Powerwolf - %22Preachers of the Night%22 with score

Bosnian Rainbows - %22Bosnian Rainbows%22 with score         OC ReMix - %22Final Fantasy VI - Balance and Ruin%22 with score         Blood Ceremony - %22The Eldritch Dark%22 with score

Battlecross - %22War of Will%22 with score         Skillet - %22Rise%22 with score         Palms - %22Palms%22 with score

The Black Dahlia Murder - %22Everblack%22 with score         Amon Amarth - %22Deceiver of the Gods%22 with score         Hanson - %22Anthem%22 with score

Falling in Reverse - %22Fashionably Late%22 with score         Goo Goo Dolls - %22Magnetic%22 with score         Queensrÿche - %22Queensrÿche%22 with score

Queensrÿche - %22Frequency Unknown%22 with score         Portugal. The Man - %22Evil Friends%22 with score         Bring Me the Horizon - %22Sempiternal%22 with score

Children of Bodom - %22Halo of Blood%22 with score         Queens of the Stone Age - %22…Like Clockwork%22 with score         Jimmy Eat World - %22Damage%22 with score

Barenaked Ladies - %22Grinning Streak%22 with score         Black Sabbath - %2213%22 with score         IAM - %22The Letter%22 with score

The National - %22Trouble Will Find Me%22 with score         Megadeth - %22Super Collider%22 with score         Thirty Seconds to Mars - %22Love Lust Faith + Dreams%22 with score

Escape the Fate - %22Ungrateful%22 with score         Alice In Chains - %22The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here%22 with score         Lordi - %22To Beast or Not to Beast%22 with score

Satan - %22Life Sentence%22 with score         Phoenix - %22Bankrupt!%22 with score         Voivod - %22Target Earth%22 with score

Rob Zombie - %22Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor%22 with score         Paramore - %22Paramore%22 with score         Alkaline Trio - %22My Shame Is True%22 with score

Amaranthe - %22The Nexus%22 with score         Ghost - %22Infestissumam%22 with score         Sevendust - %22Black Out the Sun%22 with score

Fall Out Boy - %22Save Rock and Roll%22 with score         Stone Sour - %22House of Gold & Bones - Part 2%22 with score         Stone Sour - %22House of Gold & Bones - Part 1%22 with score

Volbeat - %22Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies%22 with score         Xanthochroid - "Blessed He With Boils" with score         Device - "Device" with score


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